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TTL SubseaTTL Subsea was founded with the vision to fill a need for fast, reliable and safe electrical and fiber optic products/services for the subsea O&G market. With so many long lead items in this market, our primary focus is to have what you need when you need it. With in-house engineering, manufacturing, assembly, testing and project management, TTL Subsea can provide fast turn-around on the things that delay your project as well as the experience and capacity for the large projects with ample lead time. TTL Subsea has the knowledge and expertise to integrate all connectors, sensors, electrical bundles, fiber bundles or anything else to be interconnected, integrated, spliced and deployed subsea from any and all manufacturers. Keeping your project on schedule and budget or getting it back on track when unplanned events happen is where TTL Subsea got its name.

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Subsea Electrical and Fiber Optic Products and Services


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TTL Subsea is ISO 9001 Certified

TTL Subsea is ISO 9001 Certified